CEM3616T General Purpose Motor, 7 1/2 HP, 3-Phase, Nameplate RPM 3,450, Voltage 208-230/460V AC

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NEMA 180 frame three-phase general purpose AC motors have a standard 1-1/8" diameter, 2-3/4" length shaft whose center is 4-1/2" above the mounting surface. Variations to the frame's standard dimensions and design are indicated by a letter designation following the frame number, such as 182TCH. The letter “T” specifies integral HP motor dimension standards set by NEMA in 1953 and 1964, “C” indicates that the motor can be face mounted, and “H” indicates that the frame has a set of mounting holes at 3" and 5". These frame standards and letter designations are defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

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101.00 LBS