Mission Style 2X3-11 Mud Pump, 1.125" Shaft, Backup Packing, 8.5" Impeller

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NOV Mission Style 2X3-11 Mud Pump.  1.125" Shaft, Mechanical Seal, With Backup Packing.


  • CAST IRON , 4140 SHAFT

The Mudmaster Cast Iron 2x3x11 - Centrifugal Mud Pump, also known as the Mission Type S Pump 2x3x11 pump, is one of the best-selling oil field pumps on the market. First manufactured in 2010, this pump is strong, durable, easy to use, and incredibly versatile. Furthermore, the fact that this mud pump has a small footprint makes it ideal for use in areas with limited space.

Product Description

The pump is made from cast iron and weighs 250 pounds. It has a six-vane impeller with an 8.5-inch diameter and offers clockwise and counterclockwise rotation for user convenience. It has a flow rate of up to 800 gallons per minute and head pressures of up to 350 feet. It pressures up to 150 PSI and has a round-bodied gear end. It has a 3500 pump speed limit for oil and a 2400 speed limit for grease.

The Mudmaster Cast Iron 2x3x11 - Centrifugal Mud Pump needs only a small mounting space. It is closely coupled and comes with a 50 or 60 HZ explosion-proof motor. Bearings can run at temperatures of up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and do not have to be lubricated under normal operating conditions. A sight oil gauge makes it easy to ensure the pump has enough oil to operate properly at all times. As an added benefit, the fluid end is designed to make it easy for users to replace parts as needed in the field, without having to take the pump apart and transport it to another location for repairs.

This pump also has an open impeller design to lower the axial thrust load as well as an impeller retention bolt to protect the pump from damage when run counter-clockwise. The lip seals and exclusion deals are designed to retain lubricants while protecting the pump from contamination when in operation. It has a single-piece casing and is shipped fully assembled and ready to operate.

However, a user will want to check the alignment before starting the pump as some components can shift during shipping and handling.

Common Applications

MudMaster's centrifugal pumps are ideal for use in a range of industries, as they can move large quantities of liquid in a short period of time, and can handle liquids that contain solids and/or abrasive chemicals. Oil refineries use these pumps to move crude oil to refining process units, storage tanks, or pipelines. Chemical plants use them to pump corrosive fluids, flammable fluids, viscous fluids, chemicals, and liquids.

The agricultural industry uses centrifugal pumps to power farm equipment and irrigate fields while water treatment plants use them to either move water from one place to another or to circulate water in the plant itself. Paper mills, power plants, mining companies, food processing plants, and the ship-building industry also benefit from all the Mudmaster Cast Iron 2x3x11 - Centrifugal Mud Pump has to offer.

Extra Information

250.00 LBS