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The Roper Pump Company has been in business for well over 150 years. It has a reputation for creating innovative, durable pumps that can hold up to extensive wear and tear. The Roper 3648HBFRV 4" Gear Pump is part of the company's Gear Pump series and is designed for use in demanding industries.

Product Details

The Roper 3648HBFRV 4" Gear Pump body is cast iron. The pump has hardened iron gears, bronze bearings, and steel shafts. All parts are standard. Helical gears are designed to run quietly, and the shafts are precision-ground for added durability. The Roper 3648HBFRV 4" Gear Pump weighs 234 pounds and can pump substances in either direction of rotation. It also has direct drive or built-on gear reducers, a single internal relief valve, and a triple lip seal.


The Roper 3648HBFRV 4" Gear Pump has flanged 90° ports. Inlet and outlet port sizes are 4 in NPT. The pump is a size 48 and has a flow of up to .52 gallons per rotation. It has a maximum flow rate of 468 gallons per minute and a max pressure rate of 125 psi.

Standards Roper 3648HBFRV 4" Gear Pumps have fiber gaskets that can handle temperatures up to 212°F (100°C). However, the pumps can also be manufactured with aluminum and Teflon gaskets that can handle temperatures up to 450°F (232°C). Most pumps have a standard 3500C cartridge seal, but Roper does manufacture some that have a 3700 cartridge seal.

Common Applications

Roper 3648HBFRV 4" Gear Pumps are widely regarded as the industry standard for companies pumping gasoline and fuel oils. At the same time, they are also used by many other industries as they can handle heavy, viscous liquids that other pumps would be unable to process. Food companies use Roper 3648HBFRV 4" Gear Pumps to pump molasses. Construction companies use these pumps for roofing compounds and asphalt. Companies that also use these pumps to process printing inks and other thin liquids.

Extra Information

234.00 LBS