Viking HJ475 Pump, Cast Iron Gear Pump, Relief Valve - 4-1487-1832-501

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Viking HJ475 Pump, 1.5" Threaded Pump, Relief Valve - 4-1487-1832-501


  • Manufacturer: Viking®
  • Part Number: 4-1487-1832-501
  • Pump Size: HJ
  • Pump Model: 475
  • Viking® Series: Motor-Mounted
  • Suction Port: 1.5"
  • Discharge Port: 1.5"
  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Relief Valve: 65 PSI


Cast Iron Viking Pump HJ475 Series  

Carotek has been manufacturing pumps for commercial and industrial markets since the mid-1960s. The Cast Iron Viking HJ475 pump, one of its latest offerings, is made using top-quality materials and cutting-edge workmanship, making it an ideal option for a wide range of industries.

Pump Details

The Cast Iron Viking HJ475 pump has an NPT port type that is 1.5 inches in width. The suction port and discharge port are also 1.5 inches wide. The pump has a Buna Mechanical Seal and a max flow of 20 GPM and a max pressure of 100 PSI. There is a relief valve and the 7/8" coupling size allows individuals to use the pump with 143TC - 145TC Frame Motors.

The housing and rotor are made from cast iron, and the gears, rotor, and idler are made from iron. The bushings are made from bronze and the idler pin is made from hardened steel. The idler bushing is made from carbon graphite and the shaft bushings are made of fluorine rubber, or FKM as it is more commonly known. This type of rubber is more resistant to heat and chemicals than other, similar materials; what's more, it has a much higher density than other types of rubber and is incredibly resistant to fluids.

Series Information

The Cast Iron Viking Pump HJ475 series is designed to be combat, lightweight, and easy to mount. They're also incredibly convenient as they are close-coupled for ease of connection to other pieces of equipment and do not require bases, couplings, outboard bearings, or any other type of drive equipment. Parts do not have to be modified to convert from one seal type to another, as all pumps are made with either a mechanical seal designed for 100 PSI pressure or a lip seal designed for 50 PSI pressure.

Furthermore, the pumps in this series are known for their smooth service and versatility. They can be used to filter, circulate, transfer, lubricate, and/or boost service to other devices. The pumps are also incredibly durable, as they have a full-length key between the drive shaft and rotor bore alto ensure a rigid, positive pump/drive shaft alignment.

The pumps in the Cast Iron Viking Pump HJ475 series can be run for long periods of time with only minimal maintenance. External lubrication is unnecessary as the internal bearings are automatically lubricated when liquid flowers through the pump. Pump performance can be significantly improved by simply adjusting the end clearance. However, users should bear in mind that the pump should be kept as clean as possible, and it should be drained, lightly lubricated, and have preservative oil applied to the internal parts before storage.

Industry and Applications

The Viking HJ475 pump can be used by a wide range of industries and companies. Wind power plants, oil production and refining plants, and biodiesel facilities are sure to find pumps in the Cast Iron Viking Pump HJ475 series to be ideal. They can also be used by companies manufacturing plastics, abrasives, sealants, asphalt, paints/coatings, personal care products, printing inks, paper, soaps, detergents, and other materials.

Companies producing or processing foods such as chocolate and fats/oils can also find these pumps useful, as can pharmaceutical companies and water treatment facilities.

Extra Information

25.00 LBS