Air Master 175-100 Towable Air Compressor With Yanmar 40 HP Diesel Engine, 175 CFM, 100 PSI

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Air Master 175-100


The Air Master series is manufactured by Quincy Compressor. The company has a track record of manufacturing a huge range of high-quality air compressors, and the Air Master 175-100 Towable Air Compressor does not disappoint. Additionally, Quincy Compressor makes its products in the United States and is one of the best-known brands nationwide.

Product Details

The Air Master 175-100 Towable Air Compressor has a Yanmar Diesel engine to keep fuel consumption to a minimum, increase air output, reduce downtime, and provide consistent power output. It is a rotary screw compressor, which means that it uses positive displacement in conjunction with rotary movements to compress air inside the device. Rotary screw air compressors are known to last for up to 80,000 hours of use, can be used continually, and run quietly. Such compressors are also eco-friendly, as they're more energy-efficient and generate less heat than other air compressor types.


The Air Master 175-100 Towable Air Compressor has an airflow of up to 175 cubic feet per minute and 100 PSI. It's made with an advanced compression element to boost performance by increasing air delivery. The engine has 40 HP and the compressor uses high-quality Denair filters to prolong its lifespan and lower maintenance costs. The portable screw for towing makes it easy for anyone to move the compressor as needed, and the device weighs 2,500 lbs.

Common Applications

The fact that the Air Master 175-100 Towable Air Compressor can be easily moved from place to place makes it ideal for a range of industries. Additionally, as the unit is powered by diesel rather than electricity, companies and individuals can use it in areas that do not have electrical power. The military often uses towable air compressors, as do mining companies, transportation companies, construction companies, shipbuilders, energy companies, and water conservation companies. These air compressors can also be found at manufacturing facilities and in auto shops.

Extra Information

Air Master
2,500.00 LBS