Self-Priming Trash Pumps

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Self priming pumps are commonly used by a range of industries. Wastewater and sewage plants use these pumps to lift and transfer wastewater, sludge, and sewage. Construction companies use self priming pumps to remove water from a building site. The agricultural industry uses these pumps to water crops and spray insecticides while mining companies use them to remove water and sludge from underground pits and tunnels. Other companies that use self-priming pumps include paper companies, oil/gas companies, and pharmaceutical companies.

What Is a Self Priming Pump?

A self priming pump is a pump that can draw in liquid that's underneath the suction port without manual priming. These pumps are often installed right above the substance that needs to be pumped; however, some are submersible and can operate underwater. What's more, these pumps are designed to keep working even if there are air pockets in the liquid or the supply of liquid is interrupted. Self-priming pumps are typically easy to install and the fluid that flows through them prevents blockages and clogs, thus keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

How It Works

When a self-priming pump is set up and turned on, its internal water storage tank will supply water to the impeller. As the impeller rotates, it creates a force that pulls both the liquid and any air in the pump outward, towards the vent or release valve. This creates a vacuum inside the pump that enables it to suck fluid in from the suction line and then discharge it via the discharge outlet. As water continues to circulate inside the pump as it operates, the pump is able to continually remove not liquid as well as small amounts of gasses and/or air bubbles trapped inside the liquid.

Many pumps also have check valves or flapper valves in the suction line. These ensure that pumped fluids are unable to flow back to the source while the pump is in operation. They can also stop air from entering the pump casing.

Popular Brands

While many companies make self priming pumps, some brand names are more popular than others. MPX pumps, made by Pentax water pumps, are widely used by many companies. The manufacturer is an industry leader in creating a huge range of versatile pumps designed to meet the needs of any business; what's more, the firm uses cutting-edge technology to ensure its pumps meet or even exceed customer expectations. MP Pumps are also well-known the world over. The company has been in operation for more than eighty years and is known for its ability to create pumps that can handle the most challenging and demanding tasks. Other leading brand names include Grundfos, KSB, Wilo, LEO, Dayuan, and Franklin Electric.