ROPER 3611HBRV 2" Helical Gear Pump, 82.5 gpm, 125 psi, 2 in NPT 90° Ports

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The Roper Pump Company has been in operation since the 1850s and is well-known for its innovative designs, durable equipment, and fast and effective customer service. The Roper 3611HBRV 2" Pump, which is part of the Roper 3600 series, is designed for use by multiple industries and has the features and amenities needed to handle a range of jobs with ease.

Product Details

The Roper 3611HBRV 2" Pump has a cast iron body. Standard pumps have iron gears, bronze bearings and bushings, graphite packing, and steel shafts. However, Roper can customize pump materials to meet customer needs. Customization options include bronze, stainless steel, or Delrin gears; iron or carbon bearings, and stainless steel shafts. Furthermore, the pump may be built with or without built-in relief valves and assembled in either high-drive or low-drive mode.

The 3611HBRV 2" Pump, like all pumps in Roper's 3600 series, has direct drive or built-on gear reducers. It is specifically designed to handle precise tolerances, thus maximizing efficiency for users in various industries. The helical gears are quiet and can hold up to extensive wear and tear. The pumping gears are designed for easy replacement as needed. Grooves in the bearing allow the liquid being pumped to provide lubrication and keep the bearings' temperature in check.


The Roper 3611HBRV 2" Pump can process up to 82.5 gallons per minute, has a 125 psi, and two NPT 90-degree ports. It is a size 11 (up to .11 GPR). Standard pumps can handle temperatures of up to 212 °F; however, when built with custom materials, the pump can handle temperatures of up to 450 °F.

The pump is bi-directional for ease of use. It is self-priming and has a built-in relief valve. It weighs between 80 and 150 pounds and measures 34 × 21 × 24 inches.

Common Applications

Roper 3611HBRV 2" pumps are commonly found at factories processing construction materials such as roofing compounds and asphalt. These pumps can also process viscous foods such as molasses and honey. Oil and gas companies rely on 3611HBRV 2" pumps to safely transport fuel oils and gas from wells to refineries. Additionally, the pump can be used at power generation plants and factories processing printing inks.

Extra Information

80.00 LBS