Waukesha SPX Positive Displacement Pump Model 018-U2, U206567

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Waukesha has been manufacturing pumps since 1933. The firm is well-known for its commitment to excellence. Its precision-made components and high-quality products and workmanship have helped it become one of the best-known brand names in the industry. The Waukesha Model 018-U2 Universal 2 Series Pump is a powerful, versatile pump that multiple industries use on a regular basis. A range of companies rely on it to work well even under adverse circumstances.

Product Details

The pump body and cover are made from stainless steel. Users can choose a model with a stainless steel rotor or a unique Waukesha "88" alloy rotor. The latter allows the pump to run at a tighter clearance and pump a great range of viscous substances than would otherwise be possible. The bearing frame can be made from either heavy-duty cast iron or stainless steel. Notably, the sealing technique employed enhances the pump's longevity and protection, ensuring optimal performance even in demanding conditions.


The pump has standard mechanical seals and the rotor and shaft are sealed from the product zone. There are no bearings in the product zone and large diameter shafts make the pump strong and prevent vibration. All models have double-tapered roller bearings. The elastomers comply with FDA regulations and the pump is both USDA and EHEDG certified. The Waukesha Model 018-U2 Universal 2 Series Pump weighs 65 pounds.


The Waukesha Model 018-U2 Universal 2 Series Pump has a displacement capacity of .026 GPR and a nominal capacity of up to 20 GPM. The port measures 1.5 inches on most models, but some have a 2-inch port. It can handle pressures of up to 200 PSI and a maximum RPM of 700. It can handle temperatures ranging from -40 deg. C to 149 deg. C. It has a single mechanical seal and .25 MNPT drain acorn nuts.

The pump allows for bidirectional flow and works in either the upper or lower drive shaft position. The gear case and vertical port alignment allow for three-way mounting.

Common Applications

The food industry uses the Waukesha Model 018-U2 Universal 2 Series Pump to process beverages, fish, and other food products. The pump can also process food waste. Water treatment plants can use the Waukesha Universal 2 Series Pump to process contaminated water and potable water. Companies manufacturing goods for the construction industry can use the pump to process chemicals, paint, and other substances. This pump can also be found at power generation facilities, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, and pulp and paper plants.

Extra Information

65.00 LBS