Bowie Signature 3300 STD 3" Rotary Gear Pump W/Bushing STD

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3300 STD


Bowie Signature 3300 STD 3" Rotary Gear Pump W/Bushing STD
  • Durability: Bowie components are designed and built to last longer. So you don’t waste time and money replacing and repairing pumps prematurely.
  • Pumps up to 275 gpm with rubber gears and 440 gpm with steel gears.
  • Serviceability: In a world of deadlines, you can’t afford downtime. Bowie pumps are designed for quick and easy do-ityourself, on-the-spot repair. Most repairs can be done in less than 30 minutes and do not require any expensive tools.
  • The ‘industry standard’ packing sealed bushing-design pump, with a 3” port size, is ‘the go-to pump’ for transporting water, oil, well site fluids, drilling fluids and similar products.
  • When pitted against other rubber geared pumps, our Buna-N rubber gear pumps excel with up to 80% greater flow volume. In the steel gear category, Bowie has a 40% volume advantage, Based on manufacturers’ published data.
  • Performance: Bowie pumps deliver greater flow volumes than the competition (based on gallons/minute output).
  • Superior value: With their dependable performance and low operational/maintenance costs, Bowie’s bushing-design pumps provide the best overall value for your money… and the lowest cost of ownership.
Drive Configuration:  Drive On Bottom
Port Configuration:  180 Degree
Housing:  Ductile Iron
End Plates:  Ductile Iron
Wear Plates:  Hardened Steel
Gears:  Buna-N Nitrile
Bushings:  Bronze
Packing:  Graphite
Shaft:  1 1/8" Steel

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