Fruitland 500 3" Vacuum Pump - ELIM A-500LUF

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Fruitland 500 3" Vacuum Pump - Overview

The Eliminator Series was developed in response to a need in the industry for simplicity. The Fruitland® Eliminator Series offers the reliability of the Fruitland® Pump, combined with the ease and simplicity of our “Ready2Rig” Pump Mounts. We provide several design options and configurations to help you tailor your Eliminator package to your specific needs. Most of them are also designed as a “Ready to Rig” system for easy installation on a truck frame.

The Fruitland 500 3" Vacuum Pump is a powerful yet energy-efficient vacuum pump designed for use in multiple industries, including oil, gas fracking, environmental, grease, and septic companies. It is available in various design options and configurations to suit the needs of any buyer or industry and can handle all types of liquid waste. What's more, it's incredibly durable and can handle temperatures ranging from less than 0 degrees to over 100 degrees. This pump is typically installed on liquid tank trucks at least 1,000 gallons in size.

The Fruitland 500 3" Vacuum Pump has a range of desirable features. It can operate for more than sixteen hours on a single gallon of oil; in fact, this cutting-edge vacuum pump uses less oil than other rotary pumps in the same class. It comes with a one-gallon oil reservoir tank and a heavy-duty positive displacement pump. Lines are made from steel rather than plastic and the pump comes with a heavy-duty fan that operates 24/7 to keep the pump cool.


  • Air intake filter to protect and prolong the lifespan of the vacuum pump
  • Air injection (for select models)
  • Continuous fan to keep the pump cool
  • Four-way valve to allow the operator to easily switch from vacuum to pressure mode, and vice versa
  • Vane test gauging ports
  • Hand-tightened vented breather cap
  • Kevlar vanes with check ports for users to check for vane wear
  • Housing drain
  • Automatic lubrication for oil pump
  • Ability to convert to belt, right angle, or hydraulic drive style
  • Four-way values for top or side mount models
  • Lifetime warranty on skeletal components
  • Manufacturer support for components and technical issues
  • CC or CCW rotation available


Pump weight: 450 pounds

Airflow: 338 CFM

Maximum Pressure: 23 BHP

Maximum Vacuum: 28.5 Hg

Hose diameter: 3 inches

Maximum Input: 1,400 rpm

Power requirements: 23 BHP

Power requirement for maximum pressure: 44 BHP

Pressures to: 35 PSI

Oil Pump: Automatic

Extra Information

635.00 LBS