Fruitland Manufacturing ELIM A-M02-500LUF, RCF500LUF Vacuum Pump Eliminator Package, CCW Angle Drive Adapter, Bracket, M02 Muffler Assembly

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Fruitland Manufacturing ELIM A-M02-500LUF, RCF500LUF Vacuum Pump Eliminator Package, Counter Clockwise Angle Drive Adapter, Angle Gear Box, M02 Muffler Assembly

Fruitland Eliminator Series Vacuum Pump is designed to tackle the toughest applications in the fluid handling business including Oilfield, Industrial, Septic, Grease, Environmental, Waste Water and More.

The ELIM A-M02-500LUF Eliminator package includes a RCF500LUF vacuum pump (Left Hand Rotation, Top Filter), Clockwise Truck Mount, Angle Gearbox Mount, Gearbox, Gearbox Coupling, Round Oil Catch Round Muffler, Vacuum Relief Valve, and Mounting Hardware.

Fruitland RCF500 Vacuum Pumps have an approximate air flow of 396 CFM and pressures to 35 PSI. They have a maximum vacuum of 28.5″ Hg at 44 BHP and require 23 BHP power at 27″Hg. The RCF500 vacuum pump has an operating speed of 1400 RPM and a 3″ port size. These are automatically lubricated with an included oil pump and have 8 Kevlar vanes. The 500 series pumps use less oil than any other rotary vane pump in the industry. Applications for the 500 pump are universally used throughout oil & gas fracturing, environmental, industrial and septic industries.

The Fruitland® Eliminator Series offers the reliability of the Fruitland® Pump, combined with the ease and simplicity of our “Ready2Rig” Pump Mounts. We offer several design options including heavy duty pump stands, secondary shutoffs, mufflers, angle drive, hydraulic drive and belt drive options. Tailor your Eliminator package to your specific needs and enjoy effortless installation combined with the power and durability of Fruitland®.


  • Approximate free air flow – 338 CFM

  • Maximum vacuum – 28.5″ Hg

  • Power required @ 27″ Hg – 23 BHP

  • Max pressure – 35 PSI

  • Size of hoses – 3″

  • Max input speed – 1400 RPM

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