MPX Pumps SPXT-3 Self-Priming Trash Pump 3" Inch

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MPX Pumps SPXT-3 Self-Priming Trash Pump 3" Inch (Gorman Rupp Style)

The MPX-SPXT-3 Self-Priming Trash Pump does not disappoint, as the high-quality materials and quality construction ensure it's efficient, durable, and can hold up to extensive wear and tear. It's also designed for ease of use and maintenance.

Product Details

The MPX-SPXT-3 Self-Priming Trash Pump weighs 425 lbs. It has two opened impellers that enable the pump to handle viscous liquids, mildly corrosive substances, and fibrous materials. It can pump solids up to three inches in diameter, and users can easily remove trash from the pipe via the opening cover. It sucks in air via the suction line but removes it automatically without manual priming, making it easy for users to set up the unit in a dry location, above liquids that need to be pumped.


This pump can handle up to 5,500 gallons per minute and has a maximum head of up to 120 feet. It is made with a hard-faced mechanical seal, and users can drive it with a motor or engine. Additional factory-ordered amenities include a cutter wear-plate, self-cleaning cutter plate, NPT or flanged design, epoxy coating, or parts made from materials that are different from those used in the original design. It can be purchased with either belt-driven options or direct drive.

Common Applications

Self-priming trash pumps are specifically designed to process liquids with debris. They are commonly used by wastewater plants to process sewage. They can also remove water from a flooded area or sedimentary and waste materials. Furthermore, they're ideal for agricultural use as they streamline the irrigation process by enabling a farmer to bring in water from elevated locations. The MPX-SPXT-3 Self-Priming Trash Pump is ideal for construction companies, mining companies, farms, chemical plants, and pharmaceutical companies. It can also be used in other industries and facilities that need to process or remove viscous liquids.


  • Impeller Diam. - 222.25mm (8.3/4 in.)
  • R.P.M. - from 650 rpm to 2150 rpm
  • Max Solids - 63.5 mm(2 1/2 in.)


Extra Information

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