ROPER 2AM08 - A Series Petroleum Transfer Gear Pump 1 1/4 inch Ports

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Roper 2AM08 Gear Pump  

Roper is well known for reliability and innovation, and its Roper 2AM08 Gear Pump doesn't disappoint. The pump is used across a range of industries as has the features and amenities needed to get a job done without undue delay.

Product Details

The Roper 2AM08 Gear Pump is a positive displacement gear pump. This self-priming pump has cast iron housing, ductile iron gears and drive shafts, and steel idler shafts. The impeller is made from ductile iron and the pump has a Buna-N mechanical shaft seal. The bearings are water-resistant and can be made from bronze, iron, or carbon as needed by the buyer. The pump operates at standard motor speeds and can be either flange or foot mounted. Lubrication isn't needed as the internal bearings are lubricated by any fluid that runs through the pump. The Roper 2AM08 Gear Pump rotates clockwise, but users can reassemble it to run counter-clockwise, and the pump has bidirectional rotation. Large steel dowel pins keep the pump's faceplate, backplate, and case positively aligned.


The Roper 2AM08 Gear Pump's ports measure 1-1/4 inch NPT by 1-1/4 inch. It can pump up to 16.3 gallons per minute and has a max PSI rate of 150. It can handle temperatures of up to 212° F (100° C). Its liquid viscosity limit is 2,200 cSt. The maximum RPM is 1,800 and the GPR is .009. Models weigh between 35 and 40 pounds.

Common Applications

Positive displacement pumps are ideal for dispensing precise volumes when used as gas pumps. They can pump many types of viscous liquids, including oil, pastes, and liquids with large solids. They can also achieve variable output rates. Oil and gas companies use the Roper 2AM08 Gear Pump to transfer fluids within a facility or to other facilities. Mining companies, chemical plants, and food and beverage companies also use the pump for various projects, as do water and wastewater facilities and power generation companies.

Extra Information

40.00 LBS