Roper Series A 2AM27 Petroleum Transfer Gear Pump - 2 in. Ports

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Roper 2AM27 Series A Transfer Gear Pump  

Roper offers innovative equipment and pumping solutions to meet any need. The firm, which has been in business for well over 150 years, manufactures top-tier equipment to boost business efficiency, accelerate production, and increase revenue. The Roper 2AM27 Series A Transfer Gear Pump is one of its many pump options and is designed for use in a variety of industries.

Product Details

The Roper 2AM27 Series A Transfer Gear Pump is a self-priming pump. It has cast iron housing, ductile iron gears, and steel idler shafts. Shafts can be made from either hardened steel or ductile iron. Bearings are typically bronze but can be made from either iron or carbon as well. The pump can be foot mounted or have a flange mounting, and either type of mounting has a relief valve. It weighs 48 pounds and has only two moving parts to ensure minimal noise while the pump is in operation. The pump allows for bi-directional rotation and the fluid that goes through the pump automatically lubricates the pump's internal bearings.


The Roper 2AM27 Series A Transfer Gear Pump has one inlet port and one outlet port. Each port is 2 inches wide. It has a maximum flow rate of 48.6 gallons per minute, a maximum RPM of 1,800, and a GPR of.027. The 3/8" and 3/4" pumps in this series have a maximum 300 PSI while the 1 1/4 to 2" pumps have a maximum 150 PSI. The pump can handle substances with viscosity levels of up to 2,200 cSt, 10,000 SSU. The maximum temperature level for substances processed by the pump is 212° (100° C). This pump has a Buna-N mechanical seal shaft seal that doesn't require adjustment.

Common Applications

Water purification and filtration companies can use the Roper 2AM27 Series A Transfer Gear Pump because the pump can run without stopping and its low RPM enables it to deliver power at high pressures without incurring damage. Oil and gas companies can use this pump as well, as can chemical plants. Other industries where this pump is commonly found include pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants, and textile companies.

Extra Information

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